What is going on here?

Once upon a time I started a little website, with political comments. Being a not very disciplined person, I dropped the thing after a few weeks, though it is still on-line. It is in Dutch; I live there, I speak that language, being an internationalist, I am not proud of the fact but neither do I apologise. It’s just a matter of fact:-)

Then, after half a year , and after a year of more or less enforced time-out and reorientation, I rediscovered an old truth: just as I have to eat and drink and sleep, I have to write. However, writing without even the possibility of being read never made much sense to me. In erlier days, this stopped me from writing as consistently as I actually want to do. But now there is the internet. So I started a weblog, in the early hours of December 28, 2004. After 19 months, I moved it to another location where I write, daily if possible. Never a lack of subjects, with this world convulsing with war and oppression, resistance and revolt.

Many of the things I write about and get excited about are international. The source of most wars is located in a courntry where most people speak English, many debates with which I feel connected and in which I want to participate, are being done in the Engklish language. Besides, being an internationalist, I refuse to accept the fragmentation that national states and borders impose. I have done a few articles in English after I moved to may current location, but I don’t find it a verye satisfactory solution to do it that way. An English-language weblog follows as a logical conclusion.

So here it is : RedRebelRanter, in Dutch known as the Rooieravotr. What to expect? If you read Dutch: check out my other weblog to find out. If you don’t (hopefully, most of my readers here will not be the ones that already know my Dutch-language blog): come back and find out… Or read my English-language pieces: “Random readings no. 1, no. 2 , no. 3 and “Saviours of Humanity” on Rooieravotr.blogspot.com. Be back soon here (I will, that is)

One Response to “What is going on here?”

  1. louisproyect Says:

    Just noticed this comment from a pingback on my blog. I am not really interested in a lengthy reply but do want to clarify one thing. I did not view Sandinista Nicaragua as “socialist”. It was a mixed economy. The most revolutionary thing about it was a rebel army in power, just as was the case in Cuba in 1959. Unlike Cuba, the geopolitical circumstances did not favor a transition to socialism. My thoughts on this can be found at:


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