By way of renewed introduction…

Well, who is making this weblog? Peter Storm, born in Arnhem, Netherlands, in 1961; living singly and gaily in Tilburg, in those same yet very much changed Netherlands. Studied in Utrecht, history, become politically active, mainly in and through the Internationale Socialisten, a Marxist organisation belonging to the International Socialist (IS) Tendency. From Spring 1988 until Februari this year i was a member. I am no longer, for reasons both political and personal that I will not go into now. Politically, I remain, and intend to remain, close to the core politics of the IS Tendency: revolutionary Marxist, anti-Stalinist (as if there cam be Marxism that is NOT thoroughly anti-Stalinist…). Perhaps I am somewhat more open for the best of the anarchist tradition than I have been during my IS years. And, hopefully, the learning process will not stop, not before the revolution and not after the revolution either…

I am a writer on politics, history, society, and how to change them in what i see as the right, that is a very much radical Left, direction. Most of this writing is for my Dutch-language blog, Rooieravotr. My other main activity is music, about which you can read more on another blog I make, also in Dutch.

The blog you are now reading has been neglected for too long. Its purpose will become clearer, both to readers and to myself, as I revive it further, in the coming weeks. I intend to write once or twice everye week. My Dutch-language blog Rooieravotr has priority, as far as writing is concerned, but – especially in this US election year – som red rebel rantings in English are not out of place…


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