Some more weblogs I like

A few more interesting weblogs that I visit quite often. First, there is Once Upon a Time, made by Arthur Silber, a man whose politics are on the libertarian  left. He’s a very angry man, and it shows, again and again, in venomous arguments against U.S. imperialism, its crimes and its accomplices. He clearly has not a shred of illusions in th Democratic Party as an alternative: both parties, Democratic and Republican, are the expression of corporate power and imperialist ambition. A lot of his anger is directed against liberal and moderately leftwing bloggers who still will not see that de Democrats are not opponents of war and empire, not even opportunistic collaborators who go along with war under pressure – no they are, basically, just as bad as the other party. I think he is right about that, in essence.

A subject that he returns to again and again is the drift to war with Iran. And sometimes his anger turns in an almost blind rage – not just against the powers-that-be, but against all those people who should be able to see the threat and oppose it, but somehow don’t do so. Here, he attacks the one  source of any possible alternative: ordinary people. And, however frustrating it may be to watch all this passivity in the  face of impending catastrophe – still, cursing those people from which any possible altenarive has to come enhances the islolation of the ones seeking such an alternative. Among which: Artur Siber himself. For, even though I think his picture of the level of protest and resistance against U.S. imperialism is too negative, hiw voice has to be heard and it has to be taken serously.

Chris Floyd is one of the few webloggers who sees this and who does so. His weblog Empire Burlesque, the second blog I like to mention here, frequently mentions newly posted articles on Once Upon a Time. Empire Burlesque has a somewhat lighter tone, but both the anger and the politics are very similar to Silber’s. Well-documented articlses on imereialist depredations fill a large part of the blog. Especially the somewhat lesser-knownfrontlines in the so-called War on Terror get extensive treatm,ent. If you are interested, for instance, in Somalia and what the U.S and its Ethiopoian collaborators/ vassals are doing to that tormented country, Empire Burlesque is one of the pleces to check.

Hist style of argumentation is different from that of Silber. Where tha latter takes one or two events or quotes, and then builts an extensive argumantation upon that base, Floyd reserves much more space for the quotes and facts, letting them almost speak for themselves. The methods are different; the disgust of what imerpialism is doing to humanity is very similar. Floyd has one advantage: he is clearly a Bob Dylan lover, as am I…

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