Back again

Well, well, back again after a terribly long hiatus. Been busy with my Dutch-language weblog, with music, with enjoying life for a change. But the silence over here has lasted more than long enough, it’s time te reactivate matters here.

There has been change in my views, my ideas have evolved, quite drastically in some respects, to what Trotskyists tend to call “ultraleftism”. I am no longer a Trotskyist, having been moving closer to anarchist politics in recent months without losing the core of marxist analysis as I see it. More about this soon, I hope.

I don’t know whether I’ll manage to write regularly over here. I hope to write both articles on daily events that are relevant for class struggle and revolutionary change, and more theoretical pieces on the kind of revolutionary theory I think is needed, plus relevant bits of history and so on. I’ll be back later this week, if all goes as planned (or improvised).

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